A Year in Review

2017 was a year of endings and beginnings. While Gage continued his secular job, I finished up my last semester of college and graduated in May. Less than a month later, we  began a new and exciting chapter of our lives: marriage. For six months we discovered the joys and challenges of a working husband and a stay-at-home wife. Neither of us expected the time to fly so fast. Before we realized what had happened, December was here, Gage had finished his secular job, and we were beginning candidate school. We praise the Lord that despite some interfering sickness, BIMI accepted us to be missionaries under their agency! Another highlight of the year was God providing us with an almost brand new Ford Escape for deputation. Through Gage’s job, God provided us with enough finances to get by as we work through this transition into full-time deputation. We have barely entered the new year and already God has opened many doors of opportunity for meetings. Although 2017 was a wonderful year with new experiences and opportunities, we know that we do not have to look behind us to see the blessings and workings of God. 2018 lies before us with so many possibilities for God to work through us and through the lives of those around us. We are thrilled to see and be a part of God’s work in this new year.